Hello from Mentor of 3D Artist / Animator / Rigger.. Good wishes to my readers.

It’s about me & the transformation from being a Technician [with an experience of more than 20 years in 3D Animation Production] to a Teacher in the same field.

After doing my 3D Animation studies in Prasad Studios, Chennai, I started my career in Pentamedia, Chennai. They are one of the pioneers in 3D Animation [second to Shyam Ramanna's Crest Communications, Mumbai]. Initially, I worked in Softimage 3D and then switched to Autodesk Maya. I served 8 years in Pentamedia.

Then, I joined Crest Communications in Mumbai for doing Piggley Winks project, Steel League gaming project , Martial art fight sequences using Key-framing animation method.

I got the opportunity to work for 4 full-length 3D animated movies. My roles in the projects were animator, rigger and BG artist. Two of these 3d animated movies became popular –

1. Sinbad (in English language)

2. Maha Yodha Ram (in Hindi language).

Subsequently, I began getting freelance projects on Character Rigging & Keyframing in Telugu and Kannada movies. These projects were of intense nature that involved working day and night.

I also worked for Prasad EFX Studios, Mumbai. The projects included Hindi movies like Raaz 3, Vicky Donor, Madras Cafe, Cigarette ki Tharah and so on.

Afterwards, I launched my own Animation Production Unit named YAGNA. Again, I got the chance to work for Tamil, Kannada and Telugu movies. These projects included working on Mesh-Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, creating Render layers etc., all a one-man workshop.

Later, I desired to share the theory & production experience I had gained so far. Hence, I shifted to teaching field. I began teaching on hourly basis in Cochin Film Institute and Tech.

During the sessions, it was observed that the students though are exposed to lot of tutorial videos in YouTube and other mediums, they are seeking a teacher who really knows the fundamentals in Maya and who designs a proper workflow suiting their requirements, which unfortunately is not much available in the internet. To address the issue, I created a syllabus for Maya in which each exercise covers many tools with a workflow. Thus, teaching became a fulfilling experience as this tailor-made curriculum equips the students with a strong foundation similar to that of an engineer equipped to construct a skyscraper building !!

My production experience is available for students online. I assure that the teaching sessions will be lively, interactive, helping and exciting. Therefore, make good use of the opportunity to equip yourselves and excel in your careers !!