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Offer Training in Blender, Maya, 3D Pipeline. Selling 3D Assets in Web based Platforms. Provide offline / online training for Corporate workplaces, Animation schools, National Soft Tech-BECIL, NCERT, NITTTR and Private classrooms.

" workflow in production will be complex and flexible.

   workflow in teaching should be moderate and descriptive "

How to model a Spiral Staircase in Blender

Tutorials created based on request by students

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To buy this model.. 

To buy this model.. 

To buy this model.. 

Leg Rig Stretch feature

"A student with clarity is not deluded & spoiled by dwelling in the word advanced

thereby the mind is free to focus in learning the core construct of the software, 

which will lead him or her to Advanced"

"The difference between a wise student and an impulsive student is that 

the former shows great attention in learning Foundation which the latter 

discards and dwells in fantasies of his or her mental disorder"