Pre Production - Script Writing

Pre Production - Storyboard

Pre Production - Character Designing

Pre Production - Location & Props Layout sheets

Pre Production - 3D Storyboard Making

Production - Background Modeling in 3D

Production - Character Modeling in 3D

Production - Character Rigging

Production - Character Rig Posing for testing

Production - shots Blocking in 3D

Production - Keyframe Animation in 3D

Production - Lighting & Rendering in 3D

Production - Layer Compositing, adding Fx & Rendering in Compositing Software

Post Production - Mixing & Editing Rendered  Video  clips with Foley sounds

Deriving a 3D Mesh using multiple photographs

Deriving 3D Mesh using reflected lazer beams

Deriving group of 3D Meshes from scanning large area ie in kms using Lazer beams

A specialized latest version of effective and more precise Global Illumination system

pixel-detail merging of varied scanned 3D mesh surface along with real life texture 

sensors on the characters with its movements are converted into 3D data shown in the form of graphs

3D scene file converted into 2D images thru offline rendering process

3D geometry scene file converted in micro seconds to 3D interactable rendered assets for compositing, attached with live camera angles